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The Correlation between Divorce and Social Problems Answer

Divorce has been the legal action among married people for terminating their marriage relationship. This may be called as the dissolution of marriage along with has been basically, legal action, which finishes marriage prior death of either spouse.

The Correlation between Divorce and Social Problems


Infidelity/extra marital affair like this can be named as the one of the main cause of increase in the divorce ratio. New age society has got several separate avenues that allow people for getting closely acquainted. There has been enhanced interaction within workplace. Routine clubs, gymnasiums and many more also give chances of greater interaction with rest of the people.

In day along with age of mobile telephony as well as Internet chatting, this has been much easier along with simpler to make friends along with remain in regular touch with them. All it has been combined can outcome in lesser time for anyone to spend with his/her spouse along with greater interaction with the outsiders. It has been one of the main causes for increment in the extra marital affairs along with their regular effect on rate of divorce.
Physical Abuse

Nowadays day lifestyle has been full of pressures on all the aspects of human social life. There can be pressures at workplace, peer pressures to have the best lifestyle along with so on and so forth. It can outcome in the individual leading the highly stressed out lifestyle. As stress accumulates, this automatically searches for avenues for letting out steam.

Easiest avenue has been one’s spouse. Therefore the smaller argument can turn in the big fight along with this can outcome in implementing violent techniques on part of husband/wife. Longer term physical abuse may be the main factor in decision to file for divorce.
Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse has been different from their physical version. Nevertheless this may have far reaching consequences for sufferer. Scars of the emotional abuse cannot be visible however they may be quite deep so as to mar one’s personality for the lifetime. There may be many causes behind the emotional abuse.

This may be irritated personality about spouse/just jealousy owing towards few aspect. Irrespective of causes behind that, emotional abuse may be actually a traumatic experience. This has been the other main factor in breakup of the marriages.
Incompatible Personalities

At times there can be nothing wrong with marriage itself. This can be that both provided individuals have two actually best along with honest people. Yet differences can crop up. Let us not forget that individualism has been the hallmark of the age. Therefore lesser compatibility within husband along with wife has been turning out be the ever enhancing cause for the divorce.
Child Marriages

It has been a quite essential cause of committing divorce. Kids particularly females have been married in their younger age along with in addition with old person. Such a process outcomes in the mental along with physical pressure on the females as well as outcomes in divorce after sometime. Males in addition suffer as they have to work hard for earning when married in the younger age therefore negative impacts happens.
Some of the other causes may be;
• lesser commitment towards marriage
• lesser communication among spouses
• Alcohol Addiction
• Inability for managing or resolving the conflict
• lesser maturity
• Interference from the parents or the in-laws
• Intellectual Incompatibility
• Sexual Incompatibility
• Insistence about sticking towards the traditional roles along with not permitting room for the individual growth

Impact of divorce on the Family Structure

Decision of divorce causes major changes in lives of all the family members. Few disorders have been inevitable. Major trouble fields have been:

Money has been the bigger issue for several people. Cost of divorce has been very high along with 2 households cost more than 1.

Being lesser concentrated at work along with spending time away from job for the divorce associated appointments takes their toll.

Running home has been tougher as you no longer have the partner to help with the routine chores.

Several people have periods about depression, sadness, anger along with fatigue.
People who have been experiencing breakup of their marriage may expect of having the wider variety of feelings. Following complaints have been general:
• Bad concentration
• Night mares
• Sleep issues
• Fatigue
• Mood swings
• Feeling tense
• Nausea
• Gaining or losing weight
• Feeling nervous
• Somatic complaints

Impacts on Children

Divorce impacts the kid or children on several levels. While child has been impacted through divorce, few of the methods that the child may express impacts of divorce may be (Whitehead B.D., 2008):
– Larger volume of anger, directed both to rests along with themselves
– Regular breaking of the rules
– Drug along with alcohol abuse
– Destructive behavior
– Regular guilt
– Issues with defiance
– Enhancing isolation/withdrawal from the friends along with family
– Thoughts about suicide/violence
– Enhanced or initial sexual activity
–Failure towards acknowledge responsibility.

Divorce impacts few kids more than others. But, all children would be impacted through divorce. Things, which parents do and do not do, would greatly impact actually how much child has been affected through divorce. Additionally, gender, age, psychological health along with maturity of the child would in addition all affect how divorce impacts child (Amato, 2008).

Divorce impacts the structure along with operating procedures of the family. In few cases, the divorce would mean that the kid literally loses parent, just for seeing them once/twice in one year, or lesser. This may in addition cause child to lose contact with family of non custodial parent, like kid can be lesser along with lesser probably to see such grandparents, uncles, aunts/cousins. Basic logistics, like holidays, birthday parties along with school activities in addition have impacted through divorce.

Divorce rates in the United States

Divorce rates within US have held much steady along with even dropped somewhat since previous decade. Whereas new information has just been present by year 2011, trend has been clearer: CDC places rate at 3.6 per 1,000 people for the year 2011, in comparison with the 6.8 marriage rate. In the year 2000, divorce rate had been at 4.0, showing the overall lowering trend.

Psychological affects aspects of divorce

With women have been more educated, economically independent along with aware about their rights, divorce rates have been enhancing and related to the psychological ramifications (J. K. Trivedi, 2009). Fact, which widowed or divorced women suffer from differing psychological stressors, has usually been ignored.

This is concluded in several studies, which those stressors might be harbingers about psychiatric illnesses for instance, depression, anxiety, substance dependence, along with hence could be taken into consideration by the treating physicians, social workers along with rests who come for aiding of that women.

Psychological effects about divorce on the women have been far reaching however one of most common emotions has been guilt. It may be true when woman initiated divorce or not. Women in both the scenarios can feel at fault for not working hard sufficiently for making marriage work.

When woman initiated divorce, she can feel the sense about guilt for demise of marriage. It has particularly been true when there have been children included like women can feel like though they have been responsible for breaking up the family as well as causing the emotional trauma.

Finish of marriage has been devastating to both the parties. Women, particularly, can feel saddened through sudden loss of their marriage. Their dreams for upcoming years can be wrapped up in their marriage along with now that hope for future seems to be gone. Enhanced responsibility associated to the realization, which life they envisioned no longer presets correlates with fact, which women have more probably to suffer from depression 3 years after the divorce.

After the divorce, one can experience the greater deal of anxiety. Future has been uncertain along with thus, so has been one’s security. Women can experience more stress like they can have solely/mostly relied on their husbands for the financial support. Trying figuring out how to support themselves along with usually times the family can prove to be tough. In-spite this, there have been several things one may do to lessen the anxiety involving eating healthy, meditating along with exercising.

Life after the divorce may be tough transition for all the parties included, involving children, and close friends along with rest of the family members. Divorce shows the main life change as well as may take time to adjust also.

Being divorced after years of marriage has hardly been the easier experience for the currently divorced participant. Additionally dealing with its individual feelings of finish of the relationship, divorcees would usually have to tackle several of another problem after divorce.

From alimony as well as child support payments to child visitation schedules along with rest of the considerations such as property division, divorce may bring on the whole bunch about rest of the responsibilities, which needs few serious commitments about time along with adjustments of daily routines.

For the parent without legal as well as physical child custody, not seeing the child daily might be one of tougher adjustments after divorce. This has not been uncommon for divorcees to feel depressed, bitter along with angry, which they do not have the custody of their child/children.

Whereas those feelings have been general within divorcees, this has been essential to remember to not let those feelings affect time spent with the kids. Divorce has been tough enough like this has been on the children along with they must not need to serve like sounding boards for frustrations of one of the parent’s.

Spiritual aspects of divorce

Last phase of death about marriage, one the wise mentor would certainly be willing to address has been spiritual aspect about divorce. Learning from past, dealing with present along with planning for future should involve seeing for the God’s grace along with guidance.

Being the mentor, we would come to understand huge variety of thinking of people in regard to forgiveness along with repentance. When divorce has been seen like the sin, all the partners are required to seek the God’s pardon for his/her part in failure of marriage.

Most general reason divorced persons may not forgive their ex‐spouse has been as they find that tougher to claim the forgiveness of the God for themselves. They have been regularly counting their transgressions for seeing who has been the bigger sinner, self/spouse. They forget to see for both evils that they have suffered along with sins that they have committed.

Being the mentor, it has been a time to bring mentees steeped within guilt towards Psalm for grasping breadth of the grace of the God. King David had been the adulterer along with murderer however afterwards had been called as the man “after heart of God.” Jesus dealt with woman caught in adultery within John along with this can be where we take amentee for understanding their attitude to human failure as well as sin.

Expect 1 of 2 extreme positions: either the unrepentant heart/they have been too much burdened with the guilt along with anger that they may not grasp the judgment of the God about sin. Both requires God’s forgiveness one having the tough discipline about law as well as other having gentle wooing about grace of God.



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