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What influences have humans had on your local environment, positive or negative Answer

What influences have humans had on your local environment, positive or negative? Provide examples.

Humans have caused both negative and positive strides in correcting the errors of the past. The largest component that I see occurring is more education on ecosystems and attempting to correct the extinction rate caused by humans. Humans have been blamed for increasing the extinction rate by more than 10,000 percent of the world’s plants and animals (Dinesen-Rogers, 2013). Awareness of individuals and the influence of local, federal, and national government has helped to improve the environment. The Earth is faced with a growing population because people are living longer, more children are being born, and more resources being used. Humans are being forced to look at alternatives to help protect the environment and look at alternative methods for resources. The Florida Everglades is a perfect example of positive effects on the environment. Federal restrictions have been placed on destroying ecosystem, which support organisms, habitats, and species growth. Helping to decrease the overpopulation and industrialization of the Everglades, that is the largest water source in South Florida. Only one example of many where positive effect is taking place. Pollution is one of the next largest problems for destroying ecosystems and the environment. Restrictions have been place on the industrial sector, however; humans are less accountable and cause a great deal of pollution in the environment. Research is proving that the greater the human population the more risk and threats from the consequences of human activities and the potential for catastrophic effects. Positive effects on the environment are coming from environmental awareness, environmental management, pollution control, preservation, and predator-prey relationships (Dinesen-Rogers, 2013).

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