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AC 3025 Hospitality Finance Final Exam complete Answer

AC 3025 Hospitality Finance Final Exam complete Answer

1. Compute the projected revenue level for July using a four-month moving average and the following sales data

January ​$180,000

2. A motel has an occupancy rate of 75%, with 260 rooms available per day. At an ARR of $68; forecast room revenue for the month using 30 days.

3. Compute the variable cost per unit and the fixed cost per month for the semi-variable expense based on the information provided using the high-low method

Month​Volume​Labor Cost​
1​1500​ $280
2​1280 ​$220
3​2500​ $380
4​1750​ $310
5​1250​ $230

4. If menu prices increase by 5% next year and volume increases by 8% beginning January 1st, forecast sales for the first 6 months

Month​Sales​Price Increase​Volume increase = Budget

5. Use the weighted average to compute the average room rate from the following information:

6. Use the following information

Sales = $537,000
Average Guest Check = $18.75
Food Cost Percent = 35.0%
IBIT = $150,000

Calculate Break-even point

7. Complete the in/off season analysis for the following information

Last Year​In-Season​Off-Season​If Closed
​(12 months)​(9 months)​(3 months)​off-season

FC​$ 60,000
IBIT​$ 40,000

8. Use the CVP analysis method to calculate sales revenue required to achieve an IBIT of $75,000 with the following forecast data: Sales Forecast = $373,000
Variable costs = $167,000
Fixed costs = $103,000

Determine sales required to achieve an IBIT objective of $75,000

9. Calculate the payback period for the following project. Use straight-line depreciation.
Purchase of equipment​$100,000
Annual Savings​$30,000
Depreciable life of asset​5 years
Salvage value​0
10. Use the following information to determine the cause of sales variances: (10 points)
Room Sales​463,500​516,750

Information from managers budget working papers
Average room rate:​$103.00
Current months statistics from the accounting department
Average room rate:​$97.50

11. Provide a series of flexible budgets giving Sales, Variable Costs, Fixed Costs and Net Income for the year for estimated sales levels of 1000, 1500, and 2000 units; using fixed costs of $3,000 and variable costs per unit of $3.00 assuming a sales price per unit of $5.25

Unit Sales​ ​1000​1500​2000

Sales Dollars

Variable Costs

Fixed Cost

12. Calculate the first month’s ending cash balance for the following:
Beginning cash balance of $15,000
$200,000 Sales, with 40% paid in cash. Half of the sales on account is paid equally in the month of sale and the next month.
Expenses were $120,000 all on credit. 20% paid in the month of purchase and the balance paid the second month.



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