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CIS115 Week 4 Exercise Complete A+ Answers

CIS115 Week 4 Exercise Complete A+ Answers

TCO #4 – Given a simple business problem that requires one or more decisions, create a solution algorithm that uses decisions with logical and relational expressions.

TCO #9 – Given a program with logic errors that is intended as a solution to a simple business problem, employ debugging diagnostics to remove and correct the errors.

Assignment: You will need to design an application that will receive the weight of a parcel and calculate and display the cost per kg and the delivery charge for that parcel. Calculate the charges using the following data:

Parcel Weight (kg) Cost per kg ($)
< 2.5="" kg="" $3.50="" per="" kg="">
2.5 to 5 kg $2.85 per kg
> 5kg $2.45 per kg

Make sure that the weight entered is a positive number, otherwise your program should display an error message and end. Test your algorithm with the following THREE sets of data:

Test case 1: package weight of 2 kg
Test case 2: package weight of 5 kg
Test case 3: package weight of 6 kg

When completed staple the following documents together neatly in 1,2,3,4 order:

1) This instruction sheet first

2) The IPO Chart, second

3) The Pseudocode, third

4) The Flowchart and output example last.

Point distribution for this application:

Parcel Charges


Points possible:
Points received
IPO Chart
Flowchart and output
Total Points
IPO Chart:
Begin parcelCharges
Example Output after execution:

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CIS115 Week 4 Exercise Complete A+ Answers

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