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MGMT 550 Managerial Communication Oral Presentation Assignment Week 4 Power Point A+ Answer

MGMT 550 Managerial Communication Oral Presentation Assignment_Week 4 Power Point Answer

Assignment: Oral Presentation
For the purpose of this assignment, you are the chief information officer for the Stone Goose Company. This is your big chance to be the principle change agent in the Stone Goose Company and to propose a new social media policy to executive management. Currently, your company does not use social media for communication or marketing. You have noticed that the employees, however, are quite fond of social media.
You may use your creative imagination to determine the type of business in which Stone Goose Company is involved. Brainstorm and propose ideas that will help the business improve operational efficiencies, save money, increase revenue or market share, improve guest satisfaction, increase social responsibility, and enhance brand image.
Expect resistance and garner enough evidence to persuade your audience to implement your ideas. You will need to include external research to support your claims.
Week 4’s Oral Presentation should convince Stone Goose Company’s executive management that it needs a social media policy and that you should be given this assignment.
Assignments such as this help you develop business-oriented communication skills and give you the opportunity to practice developing an integrated business strategy for this fictional company. This activity will make the course come alive through the application of the principles from the textbook, course materials, and discussions.
• Persuade a business audience to accept your ideas.
• Create logical, well supported arguments by linking evidence to your claims.
• Develop an organizational structure that is easy to understand and follow.
• Adapt your ideas to a specific audience and anticipate and address their concerns.
• Describe how your recommendation meets the program criteria.

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