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Computer Architecture Complete test_Answer

Computer Architecture Complete test_Answer

Computer Architecture Complete test_Answer

Computer Architecture Complete test_Answer

Computer System Architecture Quiz_Answer

Computer Architecture Complete test_Answer

Part A (50 Points)

1. Multi-core processor systems use more than one CPU to handle data

2. RAM is generally faster than the temporary memory (cache)

3. HIT and MISS are two read possibilities of cache

4. Shared bus is identically where the CPUs share a path to the RAM

5. UNIX and DOS have the capability and feature to handle multiple Central Processing Units.

6. Parallel processing is efficient and can result in saving of time and money as compared to non-parallel processing.

7. Grid computing is a term used to refer ‘federation of computer’ resources from multiple administrative domains

8. NIH has defined three service models for Grid Computing.

9. Processors can understand assembly language and they are efficient and easy for processing.

10. The stack is a contiguous array of memory locations and is comprised of Top and Bottom. The top stack cannot be changed while the bottom stack can be adjusted.

11. One approach to preventing stack buffer overflow exploitation is to enforce memory policy on the stack memory region to disallow execution from the stack.

12. Data makes use of first-in-first-out method of data structure.

13. Kernel is a bridge between applications and the actual data processing done at the hardware level.

14. BIOS is a de facto standard defining a firmware interface, which is stored on a non-volatile ROM chip on the mother board.

15. TCP and TCP/IP are one and the same.

16. TCP and UDP protocols are reliable and dependable in terms of delivery of packets.

17. Hubs and Switches provide a centralized connection for local networks and operate in the same fashion.

18. Router is a critical component for the success of the Internet and is involved in forwarding data packets between computer networks.

19. Routers are similar to other networking devices such as hubs, switches and bridges because all of these are used in networking.

20. Open Shortest Path First uses an algorithm to find the most efficient path to reach the destination.

21. Protocol converters can operate at any network layer.

22. Network Address Translation acts a mediator and has the capability to hide the internal IP and also act as a firewall.

23. Bastion host allow information to flow between systems and also allow the direct exchange of packets, unlike packet filtering.

24. Internet firewalls have a better advantage over the regular firewall for data protection.

25. A multiport interface is used to switch the keyboard / mouse and display devices between those two buses automatically.

Part B (50 Points)

1. Flynn’s taxonomy classifies computer systems into four categories. Name and illustrate the four categories providing example of the architecture.

2. Virtualization is gaining importance in the recent days. Explain your understanding of Virtualization and how it can help an IT department. Can Virtualization help VIU? Explain with examples and benefits that can be gained by VIU by implementing Virtualization.

3. Based upon your understanding of Neumann Computer Architecture, what are the benefits that are derived from the use of this architecture?

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Computer Architecture Complete test_Answer